Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
proland::EditElevationProducerAn ElevationProducer whose tiles can be edited at runtime
proland::EditGraphOrthoLayer::EditGraphHandlerThe EventHandler associated to EditGraphOrthoLayer
proland::EditGraphOrthoLayer::EditGraphHandlerListHandles the multiple EditGraphHandlers associated to each EditGraphOrthoLayer
proland::EditGraphOrthoLayerAn OrthoGPUProducer layer to edit Graph objects
proland::EditHydroGraphOrthoLayer::EditHydroGraphHandlerThe EventHandler associated to EditGraphOrthoLayer
proland::EditHydroGraphOrthoLayerAn OrthoGPUProducer layer to edit Graph objects
proland::EditorAbstract interface of objects that can be edited with an EditorHandler
proland::EditorHandlerAn EventHandler to paint on terrains and pass edit events to one or more Editor objects
proland::EditOrthoCPUProducerAn OrthoCPUProducer whose tiles can be edited at runtime
proland::EditOrthoProducerAn OrthoProducer whose tiles can be edited at runtime
proland::EditResidualProducerA ResidualProducer whose tiles can be edited at runtime
proland::EditGraphOrthoLayer::SelectionDataContains Data on the current selection
proland::TweakDemEditorA TweakBarHandler to control a proland::EditElevationProducer
proland::TweakGraphLayerA TweakBarHandler providing graph edition tools
proland::TweakHydroGraphLayerA TweakGraphLayer providing additional edition tools for hydro graphs
proland::TweakOrthoEditorA TweakBarHandler to control a proland::EditOrthoProducer
proland::TweakRiversA TweakBarHandler to control rivers rendering and animation
proland::EditGraphOrthoLayer::VertexDataData for a given Vertex

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