ork::TaskFactory Class Reference

An object that can create Task. More...

#include <TaskFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for ork::TaskFactory:
ork::Object ork::AbstractTask ork::CallMethodTask ork::DrawMeshTask ork::LoopTask ork::SequenceTask ork::SetProgramTask ork::SetStateTask ork::SetTargetTask ork::SetTransformsTask ork::ShowInfoTask

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Public Member Functions

 TaskFactory (const char *type)
 Creates a new task factory.
virtual ~TaskFactory ()
 Deletes this task factory.
virtual ptr< TaskgetTask (ptr< Object > context)=0
 Creates a new task.

Detailed Description

An object that can create Task.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ork::TaskFactory::TaskFactory ( const char *  type  ) 

Creates a new task factory.

type the type of this factory.
virtual ork::TaskFactory::~TaskFactory (  )  [virtual]

Deletes this task factory.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ptr<Task> ork::TaskFactory::getTask ( ptr< Object context  )  [pure virtual]

Creates a new task.

context an optional parameter to control the task creation.
the created task.

Implemented in ork::CallMethodTask, ork::DrawMeshTask, ork::LoopTask, ork::SequenceTask, ork::SetProgramTask, ork::SetStateTask, ork::SetTargetTask, ork::SetTransformsTask, and ork::ShowInfoTask.

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