Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ork::AbstractTaskAn abstract task for a Method
ork::AttributeBufferA vertex attribute buffer
ork::box2< type >A 2D bounding box
ork::box3< type >A 3D bounding box
ork::BufferAn abstract data buffer
ork::CallMethodTaskAn AbstractTask to execute a Method on a SceneNode
ork::CompiledResourceLoaderA ResourceLoader that can load resources from the files produced by a ResourceCompiler
ork::CPUBufferA Buffer whose data is on the CPU
ork::DrawMeshTaskAn AbstractTask to draw a mesh
ork::EventHandlerA handler of user interface events (i.e
ork::Factory< K, C >A factory to create and destroy shared objects
ork::FileLogger::FileA file for use by a FileLogger
ork::FileLoggerA Logger that logs messages to an html file
ork::FontHelper class to draw text in a given font
ork::FrameBufferA framebuffer, either the default one or a frame buffer object
ork::GlutWindowA Window implemented using GLUT
ork::GPUBufferA Buffer whose data is on the GPU
ork::GPUTimerA timer to measure time and time intervals on GPU
ork::halfA 16-bit floating point number
ork::LoggerA logger to log messages
ork::LoopTaskAn AbstractTask to execute a task on a set of scene nodes
ork::MapIterator< key, type >A map iterator
ork::mat2< type >A 2x2 matrix
ork::mat3< type >A 3x3 matrix
ork::mat4< type >A 4x4 matrix
ork::Mesh< vertex, index >A MeshBuffers wrapper that provides a convenient API to define the mesh content
ork::MeshBuffersA set of AttributeBuffer that represent the vertices and indices of a mesh
ork::MethodA SceneNode method
ork::ModuleA module made of a vertex, a tesselation, a geometry, and a fragment shader parts
ork::MultiMapIterator< key, type >A multimap iterator
ork::MultithreadSchedulerA Scheduler that can use multiple threads
ork::ObjectAn object with a reference counter
ork::FrameBuffer::ParametersThe state of a FrameBuffer
ork::Sampler::ParametersA set of texture sampling parameters
ork::Buffer::ParametersA Buffer layout in client memory for transferring pixels to or from GPU
ork::Texture::ParametersA set of texture parameters
ork::Window::ParametersA set of Window parameters
ork::ProgramA GPU program
ork::ptr< T >A strong pointer to an Object
ork::AbstractTask::QualifiedNameA qualified name of the form target
ork::quat< type >A templated quaternion class
ork::QueryAn asynchronous GPU query
ork::RenderBufferA buffer for offscreen rendering
ork::ResourceAn abstract resource (texture, shader, mesh, etc)
ork::ResourceCompilerAn XMLResourceLoader that produces compiled resources for a CompiledResourceLoader
ork::ResourceDescriptorA resource descriptor, contains all the data to create an actual Resource
ork::ResourceFactoryA Resource factory, creates resources from ResourceDescriptor
ork::ResourceLoaderAn abstract resource loader, loads ResourceDescriptor from disk or other locations
ork::ResourceManagerA resource manager, loads, unloads and updates a set of resources
ork::ResourceTemplate< o, C >A template Resource class to ease the implementation of concrete Resource subclasses
ork::SetStateTask::RunnableA 'subtask' of this task
ork::SamplerA texture sampler
ork::SceneManagerA manager to manage a scene graph
ork::SceneNodeA scene graph node
ork::SchedulerAn abstract scheduler, sorts and executes tasks with one or more threads
ork::SequenceTaskAn AbstractTask to compose a list of tasks in a sequence
ork::SetIterator< type >A set iterator
ork::SetProgramTaskAn AbstractTask to set a program
ork::SetStateTaskAn AbstractTask to set the state of a framebuffer
ork::SetTargetTaskAn AbstractTask to set the attachments of a framebuffer
ork::SetTransformsTaskAn AbstractTask to set transformation matrices in programs
ork::ShowInfoTaskAn AbstractTask to display the framerate and other information
ork::ShowLogTaskA ShowInfoTask sub class to display the ork::Logger messages
ork::static_ptr< T >A static pointer to an Object
ork::SetTargetTask::TargetA framebuffer attachment specification
ork::TaskAn abstract Task
ork::TaskFactoryAn object that can create Task
ork::TaskGraphA task made of several sub tasks that may depend on each other
ork::TaskListenerA task listener, notified when changes occur in a task
ork::TextureAn abstract texture
ork::Texture1DA 1D texture
ork::Texture1DArrayA 1D array texture
ork::Texture2DA 2D texture
ork::Texture2DArrayA 2D array texture
ork::Texture2DMultisampleA 2D texture with multiple samples per pixel
ork::Texture2DMultisampleArrayA 2D array texture with multiple samples per pixel
ork::Texture3DA 3D texture
ork::TextureBufferA buffer texture
ork::TextureCubeA cube texture
ork::TextureCubeArrayA cube array texture
ork::TextureRectangleA rectangle texture
ork::TimerA timer to measure time and time intervals
ork::TransformFeedbackA set of Buffer objects to collect the result of a transform feedback
ork::ResourceFactory::Type< t, T >A utility template to automate the registration of new resource types
ork::UniformAn abstract uniform variable of a Program
ork::Uniform1< U, T, R, V, W >A uniform holding a single number
ork::Uniform2< U, T, R, V, W >A uniform holding a two vector value
ork::Uniform3< U, T, R, V, W >An Uniform holding a three vector value
ork::Uniform4< U, T, R, V, W >A uniform holding a four vector value
ork::UniformBlockA named block of uniforms
ork::UniformMatrix< U, T, C, R, V, W >A uniform holding a matrix value
ork::UniformMatrix3< U, T, V, W >A uniform holding a 3x3 matrix value
ork::UniformMatrix4< U, T, V, W >A uniform holding a 4x4 matrix value
ork::UniformSamplerA uniform holding a Texture value
ork::ValueAn abstract value
ork::Value1< U, T, V >A Value holding a single number
ork::Value2< U, T, V >A Value holding a two vector value
ork::Value3< U, T, V >A Value holding a three vector value
ork::Value4< U, T, V >A Value holding a four vector value
ork::ValueMatrix< U, T, C, R, V >A Value holding a matrix value
ork::ValueMatrix3< U, T, V >A Value holding a 3x3 matrix value
ork::ValueMatrix4< U, T, V >A Value holding a 4x4 matrix value
ork::ValueSamplerA Value holding a Texture value
ork::vec2< type >A 2D vector
ork::vec3< type >A 3D vector
ork::vec4< type >A 4D vector
ork::Font::VertexVertex format for a text mesh
ork::WindowA window, displays the default FrameBuffer and receives user interface events
ork::XMLResourceLoaderA ResourceLoader that loads ResourceDescriptor from XML files

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