Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
proland::TweakBarManager::BarDataA TweakBarHandler with additional options
proland::BasicViewHandlerAn EventHandler to control a TerrainViewController and a light source with the mouse and/or the keyboard
proland::ReadbackManager::CallbackA callback function called when a readback is done; see ReadbackManager
proland::CPUTileStorage< T >::CPUSlotA slot managed by a CPUTileStorage
proland::CPUTileStorage< T >A TileStorage that store tiles on CPU
proland::CylinderViewControllerA TerrainViewController for cylindrical terrains
proland::CylindricalDeformationA Deformation of space transforming planes to cylinders
proland::TweakResource::DataAbstract data class used for tweak bar callbacks
proland::DeformationA deformation of space
proland::DrawTerrainTaskAn AbstractTask to draw a terrain
proland::DrawTweakBarTaskAn ork::AbstractTask to display tweak bars
proland::EventRecorder::EventA recorded event
proland::EventRecorderAn EventHandler that can record and replay events, and save a video during replay
proland::FlowTileComputes the velocity of a flow at a given point
proland::GPUTileStorage::GPUSlotA slot managed by a GPUTileStorage
proland::GPUTileStorageA TileStorage that stores tiles in 2D array textures
proland::DrawTerrainTask::ImplA Task to draw a terrain
proland::DrawTweakBarTask::ImplA Task to display the tweak bar
proland::LifeCycleParticleLayer::LifeCycleParticleLayer specific particle data for managing the lifecycle of particles
proland::LifeCycleParticleLayerA ParticleLayer to manage the lifecycle of particles
proland::MousePositionHandlerAn EventHandler that can determine the position of the mouse in world space
proland::ObjectTileStorage::ObjectSlotA tile managed by an ObjectTileStorage
proland::ObjectTileStorageA TileStorage that stores Object on CPU
proland::ParticleStorage::ParticleAn abstract particle stored by a ParticleStorage
proland::ParticleGridA 2D grid containing particles, used to quickly find the neighbors of a particle or the particles covering a given point
proland::ParticleLayerAn abstract layer for a ParticleProducer
proland::ParticleProducerAn abstract producer of particles
proland::ParticleStorageA storage to store particles
proland::PlanetViewControllerA TerrainViewController for spherical terrains (i.e., planets)
proland::TweakViewHandler::PositionA BasicViewHandler::Position together with a name and a shortcut key
proland::BasicViewHandler::PositionA TerrainViewController position and a light source position
proland::RandomParticleLayer::RandomParticleLayer specific particle data for managing random particles
proland::RandomParticleLayerA ParticleLayer to add random 3D coordinates to a particle
proland::ReadbackManagerA manager for asynchronous readbacks from a framebuffer
proland::RecordableAn object that can be recorded by an EventRecorder
proland::SceneVisitorA visitor to visit a scene graph
proland::ScreenParticleLayer::ScreenParticleLayer specific particle data for managing particles in screen space
proland::ScreenParticleLayerA ParticleLayer to force particles to stay in the viewport, with a uniform density
proland::seg2< type >A 2D segment
proland::TileStorage::SlotA slot managed by a TileStorage
proland::SphericalDeformationA Deformation of space transforming planes to spheres
proland::TileSamplerZ::StateA state object to share the readback managers between all TileSamplerZ instances with the same tile storage
proland::TerrainParticleLayer::TerrainInfoContains a SceneNode and its corresponding TerrainNode
proland::TerrainNodeA view dependent, quadtree based terrain
proland::TerrainParticleLayer::TerrainParticleLayer specific particle data for managing particles on terrains
proland::TerrainParticleLayerA ParticleLayer to advect particles in world space by using a velocity field defined on one or more terrains
proland::TerrainQuadA quad in a terrain quadtree
proland::TerrainViewControllerA view controller for flat terrains
proland::TileCache::TileA tile described by its level,tx,ty coordinates
proland::TileCacheA cache of tiles to avoid recomputing recently produced tiles
proland::TileSamplerZ::TileCallbackA ork::ReadbackManager::Callback to readback an elevation tile and to update the zmin and zmax fields of a TerrainQuad
proland::TileSampler::TileFilterA filter to decide whether a texture tile must be produced or not for a given quad
proland::TileLayerAn abstract layer for a TileProducer
proland::TileProducerAn abstract producer of tiles
proland::TileSamplerA ork::Uniform to access texture tiles stored on GPU
proland::TileSamplerZA TileSampler to be used with a proland::ElevationProducer
proland::TileStorageA shared storage to store tiles of the same kind
proland::TileSampler::TreeAn internal quadtree to store the texture tile associated with each terrain quad
proland::TileSamplerZ::TreeZAn internal quadtree to store the texture tile associated with each terrain quad, and to keep track of tiles that need to be read back
proland::TileSamplerZ::TreeZSortA sort operator to sort TreeZ elements
proland::TweakBarHandlerProvides a group of tweak bar controls as well as event handler methods to control some aspects of a scene
proland::TweakBarManagerProvides a modular tweak bar made of several TweakBarHandler
proland::TweakResourceA TweakBarHandler to edit resources
proland::TweakSceneGraphA TweakBarHandler to control the scene graph
proland::TweakViewHandlerA TweakBarHandler to control a BasicViewHandler
proland::UpdateTerrainTaskAn AbstractTask to update a terrain quadtree
proland::UpdateTileSamplersTaskAn AbstractTask to update the TileSampler associated with a terrain
proland::ViewManagerProvides access to a SceneManager, to a TerrainViewController and to the screen to world transformation
proland::WorldParticleLayer::WorldParticleLayer specific particle data for managing particles in world space
proland::WorldParticleLayerA ParticleLayer to manage particles in world space

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